Glass Juliet Balconies

The Juliet balcony, also known as a ‘balconette’ or ‘French balcony’ – and often spelled ‘Juliette balcony’, get its name from the famous balcony scene in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Our frameless glass Juliet Balconies are totally unobtrusive.  Juliet balcony is great for inward opening doors.  It allows a clear view out from the room and brings the outside in safely.


The Juliet balcony is a great way to enjoy many of the advantages of a balcony but without the structural complications and cost.

A Juliet balcony is a simple balustrade fixed to the external facade of a building to allow rooms on the first or higher floors to have inward-opening full-height French doors, which means more light, a greater sense of space, more views and more air. It is a simple solution to achieving the ‘luxury’ feel of a balcony with relative simplicity.

Traditionally, Juliet balconies were made from steel and usually painted black, with vertical bars. Clamped to a building’s external facade, they could often be ugly or solid looking structures that did little to compliment the look of the building. They also disturbed the view from the inside with obtrusive ironworks and railings.

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