frameless glass partitions

Frameless Glass Partitions

Frameless Glass Partitions, Modern and Inviting, Mores spacious, Brighter and Sound controlled environment.


Our frameless glass partitions are fixed to the existing walls and ceiling of your office using an aluminium frame. To join the glass to glass panels we will either use clear plastic strips and a clear silicon sealant to create a fabulous frameless effect. It also gives noise reduction rate of 35 decibels. We take safety very seriously. Clear 12mm or 10mm thick Toughened safety glass is used for the glazed panels. These have been tested to the highest safety standards.  This product is a perfect glazed partitioning system for normal office use. Sleek, symmetrical head and base tracks.  A choice of frame colour and several glass door options can be combined to create stylish and modern office spaces If you have any questions please Call us.