Glass-to-Glass Shower Door Hinges to mount a glass shower door to a fixed glass side panel that runs on a 180 degree angle. Please Note: this 180° shower door hinge is NOT suitable for Bi-Folding shower door: 180° means glass door hinged off the fixed panel at 180°, door opening 90° inwards and outwards, but cannot fold back to the fixed panel.


One 90- 180 degree inline Glass to Glass Shower Door Hinge. 90 Degree Opening in Both Directions. Product Includes necessary Allen Keys and Glazing Washers. Product Dimensions 100mm(w) x 100mm(h). 


Colcom Biloba 801J5C Glass to glass door hinge. Aluminium body with stainless steel cover plates, suitable for internal or external doors.


Inset Glass Cabinet/Door Hinges

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